Esprit de Mami



I first started calligraphy from when I was a child, but it was not until about 15years ago when I participated in a Table Decoration Contest with my art work, did "Interior Shodo" begin. From then on I decided to continue on with my works with the ideaof "Living with Calligraphy". Shodo is not just about the art piece itself but how we live with it; how the art warms our heart, makes us feel, and brighten our life.What is interior Shodo Art When creating an art piece, I first looks at the interior space and then create a shodo piece. My style is a modern spin on tradtional calligraphy, incoorperating different ideas from around the world.Through my artwork I wish to change how people feel.


Influenced by her grandfather, a chief priest who wrote notes and poems with a brush, Mami Ochi picked up her own brush at a very young age and discovered the joy of expression.
Her unique "interior calligraphy" is inspired by the space it is to grace. While embracing Japan's tradition of calligraphy, the flow of Mami Ochi's ideas and technique blend with the nuances of today's spaces and daily life. The acclaim of her creations reach far beyond Japan and the charm of Mami Ochi's talents naturally extend to various fields.
The exclusive creations of "haute couture calligraphy”, the supervision of space design, the holding of live performances, the teaching of "interior calligraphy", and lecturing at hospitality seminars are but a few areas and disciplines touched by Mami Ochi.